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While you can file a workers’ compensation for almost any type of workplace injury, some of the most common types include:

Spine Injuries: Lower/Middle/Upper Back and Neck Injuries, including Strains, Disc Bulges, Fractures, etc.
Orthopedic-Type Injuries: Sprains/Strains/Fractures of the Shoulders, Arms, Elbows, Wrists (including Carpal Tunnel), Hands, Fingers, Hips, Legs, Knees, Ankles, Feet, Toes, etc.
Psychological Injuries: Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Adjustment Disorders, Sleep Disorders, Sexual Dysfunction, etc.
Internal & Other Issues: Lungs/Breathing Issues, Heart Attacks, Cancer, Hearing Loss, Vision/Eye Issues, etc.
Traumatic Brain Injuries: Strokes, Memory Loss, Loss of Cognitive Functioning, etc.
Death: Typically resulting from a Specific Incident/Accident or some type of Toxic Exposure.

Occupations that Frequently Cause Injuries


Truck Drivers


Construction Workers

Office Workers

Service Industry Workers

Types of Work Activities that Lead to Injuries

Workplace Accidents: Falls, Blunt Trauma Injuries, Equipment Accidents, Injurious Twists/Turns
Repetitive Trauma Injuries: Caused by Repetitive Motions over a period of time
Motor Vehicle Accidents while Working: Even if you’ve filed a claim against the other driver’s insurance, you likely have a valid workers’ compensation claim, as well
Exposure to: Chemicals, Loud Noises, and Other Toxic Environments
Hostile Work Environment: Assault in the Workplace, Harrassment by Supervisors or Managers

What to Do First if you Suffer a Workplace Injury

While each case is different, as a general guideline these are some initial basic steps you should take if you suffer a workplace injury.

Certainly, if you need emergency medical attention, that’s your primary concern.

The FIRST thing to do if you suffer an injury at work (assuming you’re not in an emergency situation), even before calling an attorney for advice, is to REPORT THE INJURY TO YOUR BOSS. By law, if you report an injury to your boss, s/he must give you a Claim Form (called a DWC-1). This is a one-page document where you’ll list the date and location of your injury and the body parts injured. While this form can be amended later, it is important to list ALL BODY PARTS that were in any way affected by the incident.

Once you report your injury, your boss should direct you to a medical provider to seek medical your initial medical treatment. Most employers will ask you to see a doctor their workers’ compensation insurance carrier has contracted with to see their injured workers. That doctor will let you know if you’re being taken off work completely or returned to work with or without work restrictions.

After reporting your injury, submitting the Claim Form to your employer, and seeking your initial medical treatment, you should learn as much as you can about the workers’ compensation process – either by researching it on your own, or by contacting a workers’ compensation attorney in your area. To learn more about the workers’ compensation process, click HERE.

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